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A New Breed of Airline Looks to Take the World by Storm!

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A New Breed of Airline Looks to Take the World by Storm!

Aura Airlines looks to take the travel world by storm when it debuts next year. It is taking a traditional aircraft, a Bombardier CRJ 700, and retrofitting the interior with a new concept for air travel. Also, the tickets don't have the cost that you would typically associate with Virgin Galactic. In fact, the airline looks to offer competitive fares on its seats by way of an annual membership system, where tickets from New York to Chicago could run as low as $290 for members.

Furthermore, the airline would like to start international flights as well. Aura is banking on a loyal membership base that has become comfortable with an upstart airline.

The new interiors will feature kitchens with chefs on board to make custom orders for each and every passenger. There won't be menus, as passengers will be able to decide their meal as long as the raw materials are on board.

Aura's hope is to offer the feel of private aviation to the commercial airline market. Aura hopes to have the respect NetJets has earned with the elite traveler. Aura is hoping there is a large market in between United Airlines First Class and NetJets. There are cheaper private offerings such as WheelsUp, but they offer small propeller planes with very limited range and cost thousands of dollars for a 45 minute flight.

The new interior is a world of difference from the traditional interior that you will find in a Bombardier CRJ700 that is flying for a commercial airline.

If you want to spend even more money there will be a very small first class called "WAVE" which will offer even more legroom and food ordered in advance.

Where will AURA fly?

Initially AURA says that they’ll operate in the following markets year-round:

  • Atlanta to Miami
  • Atlanta to New York
  • Chicago to Atlanta
  • Chicago to Miami
  • Chicago to New York
  • Los Angeles to Chicago
  • Los Angeles to Denver
  • New York to Miami

Membership will cost $250 per month, but the airline claims over time with enough members it will drop to just $100 per month.

Will Aura succeed?

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