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AI and Fitness Collide

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AI and Fitness Collide

Kaia Health’s Perfect Squat Challenge mobile app merges the world of fitness and artificial intelligence in the palm of one’s hand.

This app is the first of its kind to combine the technology and mechanics of both industries as it teaches users how to perform the perfect squat from the convenience of their iPhones. To ensure proper squat technique, the app uses the iPhone’s camera for motion tracking purposes to locate and analyze the distance and angularity of joints throughout the body. Also, proper form is guided through Kaia, a virtual personal trainer, who gives instructions while providing helpful motivation. Even though the squat may seem like a basic exercise, it is a fundamental movement that strengthens various muscles and is applicable to everyday life activities. Additionally, the app not only teaches users how to refine their squat technique, but also creates a social and competitive aspect, in which the number of perfect squats performed can be shared with others. The implementation of AI in the Perfect Squat Challenge is only the beginning, as this technology has the potential to expand further into the health services industry.

Written by Jonathan Baron, Edited by Rachel Weissman & Alexander Fleiss


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