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Ai As Your Fashionista?

FashionAI is an automated Hong Kong store where the ease of e-commerce shopping meets brick-and-mortar

Alibaba is trying out new technology in a concept clothing shop in Hong Kong. The aim of the tech giant is to combine the benefits of online shopping with bricks and mortar shopping. Technical assistance that has only been available online will be available in store. And unlike online marketplaces where a consumer can't try on the inventory, this store will allow you to do just that. Alibaba has been betting big on Ai, Machine Learning and the use of robotics in their business. Alibaba has created an entirely robotic warehouse.

The Chinese tech giant opened the FashionAI store on the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The store, which employs AI and algorithmic data analysis to provide outfit suggestions, allows consumers to have their own “personal stylists”.

Using smart mirrors, the store automatically suggests matching clothes when a customer picks up a garment. Screens in the store allow shoppers to select the size, and other details for an article of clothing, which will be sent to a back room warehouse. Here, the sales staff can prepare all the items that are required for a fitting. The store will be open for the duration of an AI conference that is being held at the university.

Alibaba believes the future for Ai, Machine Learning and an automated society run by robots is coming very quickly and they are looking to stay ahead of the curve. And Alibaba is willing to pay up to stay competitive in the Ai world, in fact some Ai engineers at Alibaba are now making more than their Silicon Valley counterparts.

Written by Koray Williams & Edited by Rachel Weissman & Alexander Fleiss

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