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As Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape the new global economy, products and services are becoming not just more accessible and more efficient, but simply speaking, better.

RebellionResearch.com is part of the new wave of artificial intelligence powered products that are available throughout the world. Accessible in 73 countries at lower cost than a hedge fund or financial advisor, our product, prior to a few years ago, was only available to the very wealthiest 1% of the population.

RebellionResearch.com utilizes a bayesian reinforcement learning program, which is a type of machine learning. By keeping our shareholders' money in the strongest economic areas, we have been able to outperform hedge funds for 11 years.

Our technology looks for 50 to 70 positive fundamental and economic macro factors for each asset that we purchase. Our technology monitors data from 53 countries and picks the strongest countries' industries and general economic pockets to invest Rebellion's shareholders' funds. Our technology was originally built by Dr. Spencer Greenberg for terrorist hunting purposes. Jeremy Newton spent three years adapting Greenberg's original machine learning to work on the global financial markets. The original technology was a Bayesian deep learner, but into 2011 and 2012, we had Rebellion make the switch to reinforcement learning because we have found it to be more agile in the financial world.


Rebellion offers our global stock strategy as a product to people with accounts between $5,000 and $50,000,000 in any of the 73 countries where we are available. Originally, Rebellion only offered our global AI strategy through a hedge fund that would have only been available to the wealthiest 1%. As an online automated investment advisor, or so-called Robo-Advisor, we are now able to offer our product to anyone around the world.

Written by Alexander Fleiss & Edited by Rachel Weissman & Dr. David J Fleiss

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