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Ai Needs Regulation!

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Ai Needs Regulation!

Recently, certain events in Congress and the Senate been attracting a lot of attention. An increasing number of people have been following policy changes that the government makes. One of these changes includes the introduction of a bill that will monitor the safety and justice of artificial intelligence.

Currently, software companies can work on facial recognition technologies without any government restriction. However, if the data pertaining to a user’s facial recognition gets leaked, it creates a massive security breach and opens the door for possible identity theft. Additionally, facial recognition makes resetting a user’s preferences much more difficult, as it is not as simple as resetting a password.

The new artificial intelligence bill was introduced by four senators, and Congress is looking for a more progressive way to implement technology within the government. Increased attention to emerging technology can boost federal AI adoption. A new advisory board will be formed with a focus on opportunities and challenges that AI agencies are facing.

There is no guarantee that the bill will reach the President’s desk, but the trend and direction of artificial intelligence demonstrate its potential for application within the government, and furthermore, regulations on emerging technology can improve its acceptance amongst other industries. The bill’s endorsers include Microsoft and the Internet Association, as big technology firms are beginning to focus on regulation and believe that, if done right, it can boost the industry in the long term.

Written by Yan Zimo & Edited by Rachel Weissman

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