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Ai to Power China's Robotic Submarines

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Ai to Power China's Robotic Submarines

China is developing large, smart, low-cost artificial intelligence submarines that can perform a wide range of missions.

China has already built a number of unmanned military attack ships powered by Ai.

Ai subs are part of China’s ambitious plan to expand naval power.

The robotic subs will be deployed in strategic waters like the South China Sea and the Western Pacific Ocean.

The submarines will have no human operators on board and rely heavily on artificial intelligence to make decisions on their own.

Ai will be used to allow the subs to maneuver in order to avoid detection and distinguish civilian from military vessels.

Ai subs could also place mines, engage in reconnaissance missions, and even partake in suicide attacks.

It is believed that the submarines will be deployed in the early 2020s.

Written by Koray Williams & Edited by Rachel Weissman & Alexander Fleiss