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Apple Advancements and AI, What’s New from WWDC 2019

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Apple Advancements and AI, What’s New from WWDC 2019

On Monday, Apple hosted its 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). A new Mac Pro headlined the technology introduced by the company and was regarded by as “Powerful, Pretty, and Pricey.” The base model has 32 GB of RAM and a 256 GB drive. The display is also impressive, with a resolution of about 122 megapixels.

The iPhone will also undergo some changes in its latest software update, most notably the introduction of a “Dark Mode.” Dark Mode will utilize darkened controls and windows to allow other content to stand out. Alternatively, as consumers become more conscious of security on their devices and where their data is being shared, Apple introduced new settings that limit applications ability to take user’s locations. Similarly, another privacy control will allow iPhone users to log in to third-party apps with their Apple ID’s to prevent data harvesting. iTunes was axed as separate Music, TV, and Podcast apps will take over its responsibilities. Apple also advanced the health monitoring capabilities of its watch, as it will now monitor biometrics, activity, menstrual cycles, hearing health, and more. Soon, users will be able to download apps directly to their Watches, which is Apple’s latest strategy to allow people to measure their health, interpret the data, and act on it.

Apple’s latest push to deliver more personalized recommendations to its users will begin with new Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality applications in its non-hardware-based products. Look for Apple Music and Apple TV to produce specific content suggestions to each individual user in the near future. Furthermore, AirPods will use Siri to read incoming messages as soon as they arrive, and the HomePod will deliver personalized recommendations to its users. The technology, Core ML 3, will allow iOS developers to embed machine learning capabilities into their apps. It should be of no surprise that Apple is investing so heavily in its AI and AR capabilities. Tim Cook announced last December that Apple is spending $10 billion in the next five years on data centers in the U.S. Apple’s latest improvements with Siri, including introducing a gender-neutral voice, exemplifies the company’s dedication to growing its machine learning functionality. When iOS 13 is released, ARKit 3 will be included. ARKit 3 combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture, and advanced scene processing to help produce augmented reality experiences on Apple’s phones. This new version will allow full-body motion capture, which one can imagine will be utilized by filters on Snapchat and Instagram, among other popular apps. Similarly, Apple’s newest augmented reality framework for developers is RealityKit, which will allow them to test and demo AR scenes on iPhones or iPads.

Ultimately, WWDC 2019 reminded the world why Apple is as ubiquitous as it is: due to its innovative and powerful products, and its renewed dedication to its AI software development, providing more helpful and health conscious recommendations for its users.


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