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Artificial Intelligence Excels in Education

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Artificial Intelligence Excels in Education

Now that the application of artificial intelligence (Ai) is on the rise, almost every sector in the economy seems to be in a mad rush to find useful ways to integrate Ai into their process to provide the best quality products and services. It is difficult to imagine any sector or aspect of the society where Ai is not influencing operations.

As humans presumably become smarter, ways to reduce the effort employed in completing a task are constantly being invented, all of which are bound together by one characteristic, high reliance on technology.

One of the sectors where tremendous progress has been witnessed, as far as the integration of technology in form of artificial intelligence and machine learning is concerned, is in the education industry.

For more reasons than one, this progress is beginning to alter both educational tools and institutions and is expected that it will ultimately change what the future might look like in education. For instance, in 2018, the Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector reported that the US education will have recorded an annual Ai growth rate of 47.5% from 2017-2021.

The proponents of the use of Ai in education highlight the benefits Ai provides for developing skills and testing systems, and as a result help fill needs gaps in the teaching and learning process thereby allowing teachers and learners to do more than ever before.

Others claim that it is about learning rather than education, as while education mainly focuses on procedures, processes and top-down transfer of knowledge, learning is a broader concept encompassing even non-educational contexts. Thus, Ai is capably suited to drive efficiency by personalizing and streamlining administration tasks, allowing teachers and learners the time and freedom to provide understanding and adaptability.

This notwithstanding, however, concerns as to whether the resultant benefits outweigh the cost have constantly been raised. As integration of Ai becomes more and more prevalent, many changes pertaining to a teacher’s job and to educational best practices will manifest begging the question: “is the critical presence of teachers replaceable?” Since humans tend to perfect their skills through repetition, teachers get better at their job every day.

The Ai, however, does not become better in any way and is capable of stimulating technology addiction which can be harmful to both teachers and learners. Additionally, it has the capacity to eliminate the need for reading resources such as books. This will ultimately render redundant some services such as teaching, resulting in unemployment for a high number of people and firms including publishers and teachers themselves. Economically, this will have adverse effects as teaching is one of the biggest professional branches in the world, where the US alone has more than 3, 000 000 educators.

As the need to incorporate Ai and other technologies in education is apparently becoming a necessity, we ought to take a step back and examine whether it is for the benefit of the society as a whole or a clique of industry leaders.

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Written by Lingjun Zhou & Edited by Alexander Fleiss

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