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Aviation’s “Third Revolution”?

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Aviation’s “Third Revolution”?

Before jets, propeller planes were the primary vehicle for air travel. One company is trying to take a step back in order to take an ecologically-friendly step forward.

Eviation is working to develop the world's first entirely electric-powered aircraft by 2022. Eviation is an Israeli aircraft company, is focusing on manufacturing quasi-prop planes to eliminate the harmful emissions of regular jet planes.

On June 19, the Eviation 'Alice' was introduced by the company’s CEO Omer-Bar Yohay at the Paris Air Show. Assuming that the odd-looking plane passes the required flight tests, it will soon be the first all-electric commercial plane. The plane's unique shape keeps it efficient and aerodynamic. Alice is designed to be able to cruise at an airspeed of 240 knots while carrying up to 9 passengers with a 650 mile range.

The plane's battery accounts for 65 percent of its weight, and it can only accommodate nine passengers and two pilots. The company prioritized customers in-flight experience while modeling the small aircraft; for example, passengers will receive various amenities while traveling, and they will rarely feel turbulence.

The plane is designed to fly short distances, but Eviation wants to make larger planes that can fit more passengers and fly longer distances. Bar-Yohay believes that 'the Eviation Alice will have a supply problem, not a demand problem.' Bar-Yohav's expectations for the company are optimistic as long as they can produce aircraft with profitable margins.

Written by Matthew Durborow, Edited by James Mueller & Alexander Fleiss