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Baseball Attendance Keeps Falling

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Baseball Attendance Keeps Falling

How many baseball games have you been to this summer?

According to statistics released by Stats LLC, MLB attendance has dropped this season to its lowest average in 15 years.

It is down 6.6% from this time last year and 8.6% overall for 2018.

Accounting for the combined 2,430 games played per season and an average ticket price of $76, the MLB could be facing a loss of nearly $355 million on ticket sales alone.

Bad weather, a lack of competitiveness, and poor offensive performances are some of the reasons for this low attendance.

There were 35 postponements before the all-star break, which is just four fewer than the 2017 season total.

There is also an unprecedented lack of competitiveness within the league, with five teams on pace to lose more than 100 games this season, while four teams on pace to win more than 100 games.

This large gap of talent makes games predictable and uncompetitive, and therefore unenjoyable for fans to watch unless you are a fan of the New York Yankees.

Finally, there have been a number of months this year where strikeouts exceeded hits.

These poor offensive stats have led to a lack of interest in watching or attending games outside of the few big cities that have high payrolls.

The Red Sox manage to bring in fans even during rainy days.

Hopefully for the MLB, all of the current rebuilding and rebranding of teams will help return attendance to normal in the future.

Written by Dominick Ronan & Edited by Rachel Weissman


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