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China's New Stealth Bomber

May 10, 2020

China's New Stealth Bomber

The most exciting new aircraft to be released into use for the Chinese Air Force is a next generation stealth bomber. Designed and manufactured entirely in China, this will be their first domestically produced bomber.

By the end of 2020, many military experts expect China to have their new bomber operational.

The Chinese Air Force is reportedly in the final stages of development and testing and aiming for a public display this fall at the Zhuhai Air show.

Known as the Xian H-20, the stealth bomber is expected to boast some very impressive statistics. 5,300 miles of flying range, hypersonic cruise missiles, and the ability to fly without being detected by enemy radar add up to something very special.

This amount of range would put Australia in striking distance of China without the need to refuel their aircraft.

Defense Intelligence Agency director, Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley Jr., said in a 2019 speech that "China is likely to at least double the size of its nuclear stockpile in the course of implementing the most rapid expansion and diversification of its nuclear arsenal in China's history."

The H-20 will be an important psychological milestone for China as their aerospace industry has struggled over the years, but recently there has been some significant development and forward momentum.

China’s government has invested significantly in research and development for both space and military aviation advancements.

China wants to showcase their advancements to grow nationalistic pride, an especially important theme with the recent anti-Beijing protests in Hong Kong.

However, many critics point out glaring similarities between the new Chinese bomber and the legendary US stealth bomber’s B-1 & B-2 and the upgraded B-21 being built by Northrop Grumman.

Beyond the fact that the two look extremely alike, apparently the electrical systems, guidance, weapons and cloaking technology have been purportedly stolen from the US.

In fact China has been repurposing many American military designs since they took a 1960’s US aircraft carrier’s hull that the US had left to rot in a river, and made it into their first carrier.

However, China has also been stealing our technology as well.

A member of the US Missile Defense Team spoke to Rebellion off the record for an unrelated 5G article 2 years ago and confirmed firsthand accounts of attempted Chinese thefts.

The engineer confirmed that their team, a combination of MIT Lincoln Labs & US Navy personnel, would intercept consistent and frequent attempts by the Chinese to spy on their work and steal any plans and files available. Eventually the NSA had to create a special security protocol for their group to curb the attempted thefts.

Currently, the Chinese Air Force, also known as the PLAAF, uses a mixture of Chinese and Russian aircrafts. The most notable and impressive member of the Chinese aviation fleet currently is the Chengdu J-20 fighter.

However, when compared with the latest American fighter planes, China is at a far disadvantage in almost every regard.

The strategic division of the Chinese Air Force uses the H-16, which has been around for the past 50 years. That is, until now.

A common pitfall of Chinese aviation development has centered around engine failure, something their engineers have grappled with for years. While there have been many short term fixes, there is still much uncertainty regarding the long-term success of the new Chinese stealth bomber.

Eventually, the US B-21 and the Russian Tupolev PAK DA will no longer be the only elite stealth bombers in the sky once China has gotten their H-20 operational. Hopefully, these crafts are never needed.