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Dallas to Houston High-Speed Rail Project is Drawing Near

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Dallas to Houston High-Speed Rail Project is Drawing Near

According to Community Impact Newspaper, the much-anticipated high-speed rail link between Houston and Dallas has made new progress.

The Texas Central Rail Project has been approved late-week by State Environmental Department and Federal Railway Administration. Also, serval days ago, the Texas Central signs a design-build contract with civil engineering firm Salini Impregilo. Texas Central CEO Carlos F. Aguilar state that “This agreement brings us one step closer to beginning construction of the civil infrastructure segments of the project.” It means that the high-speed rail project between Dallas and Houston will officially implement the Federal Railways operation, and the environmental permit has obtained!

The construction is likely to be operational by 2020, with accelerated completion. Texas high-speed rail link would be the second high-speed rail service in North America and the first dedicated high-speed line.

90 Minute Trip with Japanese Bullet Train

Texas Central plans to use the N700S, the sixth-generation N700S Shinkansen, with speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. The Texas Bullet Train will benefit from the upgraded technology, process improvements and new facilities included in the latest generation of Shinkansen trains (known as Supreme N700) recently launched by Central Japan Railway Company. Supreme N700 has lighter weight, better aerodynamic performance, and less vibration. Meanwhile, Supreme N700 is the quietest High-Speed Train in the world. N700S could enable the journey from Dallas to Houston will cut the roughly four-hour journey to 90 minutes.

Texas Central also states that: Shinkansen rail system, which opened in 1964, carried more than 10 billion passengers with zero fatality and zero accidents. Texas Central could ensure to build one of the most safety rail transport systems by using N700S. This rail link is also

Why We need the Texas High-Speed Rail Link

The Regional Vice President of Texas Central, David Hagy said. “When you try to go from here to Dallas and you try to decide whether to drive or fly and both don’t look very attractive, that’s a perfect spot for high speed rail. We’re giving an option that’s not there.” These two cities are fast-growing with more job opportunities. There are at least 50000 people commuters travel around between two cities three times a week. Usually, these people need to spend about 4 hours one-way by driving.

However, the population of these cities may double in the next 25-30 years. After that, people have to take around 6.5 hours of travel between Dallas and Houston. The rail link would run two trains per hour during peak periods and one train per hour during off-peak periods. The ticket price would affordable comparing with airfare.

Written by Qiu Zhijun, Edited by Alexander Fleiss