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Formula 1 Racing & Artificial Intelligence

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Formula 1 Racing & Artificial Intelligence

There is a general recognition that Formula 1 has lagged behind the global innovation of digital platforms in recent years. To deliver more engaging statistics and accurate predictions to fans watching races on television and digital platforms, Formula 1 plans to use cloud technology and machine learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence concerned with continued learning and improvement.

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Formula One will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an official technology partner, which can be used to crunch data and deliver the data in a helpful manner to fans and commentators. Additionally, the data from Formula 1 cars can help racing teams perfect their strategies.

“For our needs, AWS outperforms all other cloud providers, in speed, scalability, reliability, global reach, partner community, and breadth and depth of cloud services available,” claims Pete Samara, who is the Director of Innovation and Digital Technology at Formula 1. “By leveraging Amazon SageMaker and AWS’s machine learning services, we are now able to deliver these powerful insights and predictions to fans in real time.”

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Data scientists are training deep learning models in order to make race predictions by using 65 years of historical race data, which can give fans an understanding of why a team has chosen a certain strategy.

If Formula 1 wants to maintain and build its fanbase, a digital push is desperately needed. There is an intense competition for the leisure time of millenials, who use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to interact with sporting organizations.

In the U.K., the live broadcast rights are split between Sky Sports and Channel 4. However, from 2019 and onward, Sky Sports will become the only rights holder, so Formula 1 will disappear from free television. This means that Formula 1 needs to retain a visible presence to keep sponsors and teams content, which is why it is focusing on digital development.

Written by Koray Williams & Edited by Alexander Fleiss