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Germany Grows into Machine Learning & Ai Startup Hub

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Germany Grows into Machine Learning & Ai Startup Hub

Globally, the EU is the second largest Machine Learning & Ai startup hub after the US. Germany is leading the pack in the EU and is considered the most important artificial intelligence startup hub after the US with Britain and France gaining as well. Most of the German tech startups are focusing on software development for consumer communication, sales and marketing, and image recognition. 54% of Germany's Machine Learning & Ai startups are located in Berlin, followed by Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. There are several fintech companies in in Germany, including Fraugster, Sentifi, Risk Ident & CollectAI.

Board members of those firms come from many different countries. Incredible diversity in the work place is one of the most interesting features of firms that start in Europe, seen especially in Germany.

Some of the most interesting startups in Berlin are:


This startup is built on machine learning and Ai. The company believes that machine learning can change the game of cryptocurrency trading. It realizes that there are a lot of high frequency trading hedge funds in the cryptocurrency field; however, they believe most of the algorithms that are used are superficial. They're focusing on the most useful algorithms in deep learning and machine learning and deal with the raw data between news and their own dataset in order to make better decisions and make more profits in the cryptocurrency market.


Luna is focusing on building an online dating platform by utilizing modern technology like blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The firm is trying not to focus on the subscription part of other dating apps. Rather, their goal is to help candidates find the best match, and they make profits only when two people meet each other offline. At the same time, the firm tries to balance the attention issue by using better algorithms to figure out what people's preferences are. Luna is designed to ask for feedback from each individual after each date. It can improve the application's recommendations for each individual user. The user can decide how many incoming messages they want to receive every day, and it helps resolve the attention imbalance issue.


Zuper is a financial planning app that uses machine learning technology. It aims to give the best recommendation and reminders to spenders. The firm is trying to do real-time data streaming analysis with a machine learning algorithm. It can give correct reminders at the fastest time and is a great financial coach to people.

There are definitely some very interesting startups working on machine learning in Berlin. Entrepreneurs in Berlin have also been studying firms all around the globe and are well informed in the global market. It is exciting to know how many good startups working on machine learning are located in Berlin.

Written by Yan Zimo, Edited by Jack Vasquez, Rachel Weissman & Alexander Fleiss

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