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Google's New York City Headquarters

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Google's New York City Headquarters

I recently had the opportunity to visit Google’s New York headquarters in Chelsea, Manhattan. This impressive building takes up an entire city block on 8th Avenue between 15th and 16th streets and offers nearly 3 million square feet of office space. Google itself occupies around a quarter of that space and rents out the rest. With 3,000 employees working here, it is important for Google to create a comfortable yet efficient work environment.

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When one first walks in, he or she immediately notices that this workspace is not a traditional office by any means. There are interesting and unique elements everywhere one looks, such as a hallway made out of New York subway tiles, a vintage graffiti wall, and themed conference rooms everywhere.

There are scooters scattered around the office as well, as Google provides these for quick and fun transportation around the mega-office. The office spaces themselves are very open and flow well with the rest of the office. Employees tend to move around quite often and are never at the same desk for an extended period of time.

One of the biggest perks of this office is the number of free food options that are offered to the employees. There are five different themed cafes scattered throughout this workspace, and one large buffet that offers a generous selection. Employees are given free breakfast, dinner, and lunch – all free of charge. The views from the office are spectacular as well; there is a large outdoor patio on one of the top floors complete with chairs, tables, and fantastic city views.

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Although having 3,000 people in one workspace seems like chaos, Google unsurprisingly makes it work. Being custom designed by Google, this office is completely decked out with the latest technology in order to ensure an efficient and enjoyable workspace for everyone.

Whether it is the lighting, the dining options, or the scooter system, everything is AI-enabled in one way or another to make this a truly smart office. Data is constantly gathered and applied in order to make sure that employees are being treated individually and properly. It helps employees utilize their time more efficiently, and therefore be more profitable for both themselves and the company.

Written by Dominick Ronan, Edited by Jack Vasquez, Alexander Fleiss

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