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Hacking A Tesla In 1 Minute & 6 Seconds

Hacking A Tesla In 1 Minute & 6 Seconds

Is breaking into a Tesla as easy as breaking into a phone? According to the video above almost.

But, its the same kind of datasets. 

Cars are just more complicated and hundreds of little systems. So there are many moving parts that can be interrupted. 

At a recent Hacking conference a team of engineers were able to break into a Tesla in just 1 minute and 6 seconds. 

According the one of the hackers involved in the team, Tesla is one of the few companies that wants to learn from hackers, as a result to strenghten their own security. 

So how safe is your Tesla? 

And does the migration from fossil fuels to electic cars bring about a much more insecure automotive experience?

Many worry about hackers taking over pacemakers and threating to turn them off without a 10k USD payment of bitcoin. Or maybe a hacker will not let your heating and air conditioning system in your home operate? 

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