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Hedge Fund Navy Capital CEO Sean Stiefel on the Future of the US Cannabis Market

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Hedge Fund Navy Capital CEO Sean Stiefel on the Future of the US Cannabis Market

Sean Stiefel founded Navy Capital in 2016, and assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2019. Prior to founding Navy Capital, Mr. Stiefel was a research analyst and trader for Northwoods Capital Management Partners, a TMT-focused global long/short hedge fund. Mr. Stiefel had previously served as an associate within an equity long/short fund at Millennium Partners, and he began his career as an equities trading analyst for Barclays Capital. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

Navy Capital Green Management, LLC (“Navy”), having launched in May 2017, is now one of the only SEC-registered scale hedge funds investing in the global cannabis sector with a three-plus year audited track record. Navy runs a hybrid fund structure, investing in both public and private securities in order to take advantage of the best opportunities available in the market. Navy uses fundamental analysis to select investments in equity and debt securities, and may also opportunistically invest in other financial instruments as well. The primary geographic focus is North America, but as the growth of the legal cannabis industry is a global phenomenon, Navy will also invest opportunistically across both developed and developing countries. Navy intends to invest in both pure-play cannabis businesses and in companies with less direct, thematic exposure to the global medical and adult-use cannabis markets.

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