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Hennion & Walsh Asset Management CEO Kevin Mahn on ESG, State of the Global Markets & Lehman Brothers

Hennion & Walsh Asset Management CEO Kevin Mahn on ESG, State of the Global Markets & Lehman Brothers

Kevin Mahn

Mr. Mahn was also the former Portfolio Manager of the SmartGrowth Mutual Funds. Mr. Mahn is the author of the quarterly ETF and CEF Insights newsletter as well as one of the co-authors of the book Exchange Traded Funds: Conceptual and Practical Investment Approaches, copyright 2009 Riskbooks. Mr. Mahn is a member of the Forbes Investor Team and a frequent contributor to the Forbes Intelligent Investing and Advisor Intelligence blogs and the Seeking Alpha Web site.

Prior to Hennion & Walsh, Mr. Mahn was a Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers, where he held several senior management positions, including CAO of the High Net Worth Product and Services Group within Lehman’s Wealth and Asset Management division as well as COO of Lehman Brothers Bank, during his 11-year tenure with the firm.

About Hennion & Walsh Asset Management : At Hennion & Walsh, we believe that the management of wealth should be taken as personally as its accumulation. We recognize the commitment our clients have made to building and maintaining their investments. And knowing this, how could we not manage and protect those investments as carefully – and as personally – as we can?

When this company was founded, we recognized that individual investors didn’t always experience the same benefits, the same access to resources, and the same level of service that institutional investors enjoyed at other firms. We set out to change that. And over the many years since its inception, Hennion & Walsh has always been its clients’ fiercest champion and most passionate advocate. We promise that you will experience nothing less.

This website outlines our unique approach to investing, the strategies and philosophy behind it, and the reasons we believe your investment will have a prosperous home with Hennion & Walsh.

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