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Interview with Janna Raskopf, one of Douglas Elliman’s top real estate agents on her Outlook of the New York Real Estate

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Interview with Janna Raskopf, one of Douglas Elliman’s top real estate agents on her Outlook of the New York Real Estate

Janna Raskopf is a real estate agent at Douglas Elliman who is consistently in the top 4% of the company and was number 2 in 2017 for Manhattan rentals. Janna is the perfect person to provide insight into New York real estate after her eleven years of experience in sales and rentals for the New York Metropolitan area’s largest brokerage firm. Janna prides herself on her dedication to client service and her long-term client base. She is a 24/7 broker who is always attentive to her clients’ needs. Growing up in NYC, Janna has a strong foundation and familiarity with real estate across the area, making her a top agent. In our interview, Janna conveyed her thoughts on the current state of the real estate market and also elaborated on how she sees technology integrating in the industry.

Janna describes the current state of the real estate market as relatively flat. She believes real estate rental prices are relatively flat because of the influx of new inventory, and attributes rental prices not dropping to an increased amount of owner incentives. The increase in inventory is primarily due to the multiple new developments. As basic supply and demand economic principles suggest, when the supply of units in the market increases but demand remains the same, the price will decrease. As for sales, Janna believes that apart from the increased inventory, another reason prices have decreased is due to the loss of foreign buyers. Foreign buyers are refraining from investing in the United States due to the increased strength of the dollar compared to other currencies.

Janna sees technology playing a crucial role in the real estate space for both the brokers as well as buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. For brokers, there are tools that track listings, improved advertisements, and better pricing strategies. There are systems that monitor which listings are viewed online most and least often. Based on the number of clicks per listing, tools can convey information with regards to whether or not a unit is priced right. Furthermore, with more online platforms and social media push, advertisements for listings are made more readily available to the public through numerous media platforms. Buyers are becoming more technology savvy as technology drives demand towards newer buildings. Technology is integrated in the newer buildings through added amenities and features. Some buildings now have golf simulators and bowling alleys. Technology is also used to enhance the maintenance and packaging systems in buildings across the city. BuildingLink is an example of property management software widely integrated within buildings. These amenities and services add great value to any listing, and are made possible through the integration of technology in the real estate industry.

Written by Prthvi Srinivasan, Edited by Rachel Weissman, Alexander Fleiss

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