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Is the Tesla Cybertruck Innovative Design or Just Marketing Genius?

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Is the Tesla Cybertruck any Different from what is Available Currently from GM and Ford?

On November 21st 2019, Tesla launched the much awaited ultramodern-looking, trapezoidal-shaped pickup prototype.

Unlike pick-ups from GM and Ford which have separate cab and bed, the unveiled design of the cybertruck has the cab and bed as a single unit. The shape of Tesla’s truck is a completely original design in the auto market and the exterior has a bullet-proof, ultra-hard, stainless steel alloy that gives the truck an elegant look. Also, the artistic look makes the truck stand out from the standard models of pick-up trucks.

In addition, the cybertruck is fast, making it preferred by many who want performance as well as usefulness. During its unveiling, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced that production is expected to begin in 2021. Tesla hopes to steal a substantial portion of the 15% of the US vehicle market that pick up trucks make up, these consumers have never had the choice of speed & performance that the cybertruck can offer.

Another point to note is that Tesla has integrated a ton of technology into its cybertruck. Unlike the standard Ford & GM trucks, Tesla’s cybertruck will have a touchscreen base navigation system to help the driver maneuver. In addition, the truck will be fitted with a lithium ion battery to run its software and hardware giving it exceptional capabilities in terms of performance lifespan per charge.

Research by Cox Automotive showed that people no longer consider fuel efficiency when buying pickups but rather its capability and ability. Although the exterior of the Tesla truck was highly criticized, analysts are positive it will overcome competition pickup models from companies like GM and Ford.

In terms of efficiency of energy used, most standard gasoline engines in GM and Ford trucks have levels as low as 17 percent. However, for electric engines, the efficiency in conversion of electricity to power is 59 to 62 per cent. Clearly, the cybertruck will have an upper hand in terms of performance. Although the truck may be less efficient than other electric cars, its performance will still be higher than the non-electric trucks and unlike other trucks, Tesla’s Cybertruck aims to give customers a modern tech experience.

Lastly, GM and Ford have for a long time enjoyed the lucrative truck market all to themselves. Tesla will therefore have to impress customers with the high-tech truck in order to lure away loyal customers who have spent a lifetime buying GM & Ford. GM and Ford have also announced plans to make electric trucks in the near future, implying more competition. Although the test during the unveiling for Tesla’s cybertruck may not have gone smoothly, there are high hopes that it will outperform other common trucks in the market and become a beloved choice of consumers.

Written by Lingjun Zhou & Edited by Alexander Fleiss