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Italy's Coronavirus Death Rate is Falling

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Italy's Coronavirus Death Rate is Falling

After recently surpassing China's death count from the Coronavirus, Italy became the hardest hit country to suffer the pandemic.

Italy's pain can be traced back to its deep ties with Wuhan.

Wuhan is the garment center of China and over 300,000 of their citizens have moved to the Lombardy region of Italy's north to pursue employment. Milan, the largest Italian city in the north, is along with Paris and New York, one of the fashion centers of the world. Many Chinese citizens have found work at Italian factories and wealthier Chinese have bought up many of the local fashion houses.

The influx of Chinese workers has driven out many young Italians to seek work in other parts of Europe and America. This has left Italy, and especially Lombardy, with one of the oldest populations, a demographic especially sensitive to the novel Coronavirus.

This elderly population has been decimated in the last few weeks and Italy's healthcare system has been brought to its knees. There were many more coronavirus patients than hospital beds, especially in Lombardy. However, a light might be appearing at the end of the tunnel.

Italy's daily mortality count hit a record of almost 800 on Saturday, March 21st after hitting another record of just over 600 on the 20th.

Now after 6,000+ deaths, Italy has seen two days in a row of drops in their mortality rate. On the 22nd and 23rd they saw 650 and 600 deaths respectively, a 25% total drop from the peak daily rate. Of course, this is early and the numbers could fly back up, but it’s still a positive sign for now.

Continuing these positive signs, the United States has seen its daily mortality rate stabilize or even decrease despite an accelerating increase in the number of new cases. As of 9:16pm, the US has only recorded 92 new deaths today from the Coronavirus, as compared to 122 for all of yesterday.

Some more deaths will occur before midnight tonight, but the death rate has definitely decreased. Maybe the newly employed anti-malaria medication, hydroxychloroquine, starting to show signs of effectiveness?

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