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Japan Upgrades Bullet Train

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Japan Upgrades Bullet Train 

Japan is scrapping their 700 Shinkansen Bullet Trains at the Hakata Minami depot and replacing them with newer N700A and the latest N700S models.  

The N700s entered service last July and flies at 360 kilometers per hour.

The operating speed will not exceed 285 kilometers per hour. In addition, it offers a quieter and smoother ride with bigger seats that recline more.

“By making the mechanisms under the floor of the N700S lighter and more compact, we created a new standard,” according to Masayuki Ueno, the deputy head of JR Central’s bullet train business department. When he was interviewed by the Japanese broadcaster NHK back in 2019.

“This new standard will also help when it comes to expanding our business overseas.”

The N700s currently serves the Tokaido Shinkansen line, which links Tokyo Station and Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka.

Just how awesome are the Shinkansen Bullet Trains?

Perfect Safety Record

For over 55 years and over 10 billion+ passengers there have been zero fatalities or injuries due to accidents!

On-Time Reliability

You will know the EXACT minute your train will leave the station and the EXACT minute you will arrive at your destination! The average departure time AND arrival time is not even a minute, mere seconds, off scheduled time!


From the moment you can quickly board and sit down (usually takes 2-3 minutes for passengers to get off and on the train) until the minute you get up to exit, you can: recline your seat, use the pull down tray, use high speed internet, eat, drink, get up to use a roomy bathroom, get up to walk around and use your cell phone in an appropriate area in between the train cars for more privacy, and there’s so much leg room, you can easily press a lever and spin the row of seats in front of you so you can sit face to face with your friends, family, coworkers to visit, play games, work.

Furthermore, there are no seat belts onboard! 



These trains run well in weather that often grounds airplanes such as rain storms or winter weather at the departing location, the destination, or anywhere in between these locations! They can even run during an earthquake!


For around the amount of land needed for a two lane farm road, this double track rail line can keep expanding by adding more train cars, run more frequent trains, and all without needing anymore land, and to eventually move the number of people that is equivalent to a sixteen lane highway!

Japan Upgrades Bullet Train


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