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Mayor Mike Should Move Bloomberg to the WTC

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Mayor Mike Should Move Bloomberg to the WTC

Mayor Michael Bloomberg believed that whatever replaced the twin towers would represent New York and America’s response to terrorism.

Some critics of rebuilding the World Trade Center advocated for residential housing rather than office buildings; however, Bloomberg believed the new World Trade Center should represent America’s collective strength and commercial prowess. Bloomberg also emphasized the importance of dispersing financial institutions and other companies from Midtown to Lower Manhattan to rejuvenate economic development downtown.

The Port Authority owns the World Trade Center, and Larry Silverstein, a private commercial developer, holds leases to the buildings. Years ago, JP Morgan Chase expressed interest in constructing a skyscraper at 5 WTC, but JP Morgan’s plans never came to fruiting. In 2016, Rupert Murdoch backed out of an agreement to tenant 2 WTC due to concerns surrounding the general state of the economy. Today, 5 WTC and 2 WTC are the only buildings in the new World Trade Center complex unfinished, which leaves room for large companies such as Bloomberg to move in and help solidify the WTC’s reputation as a symbol of commercial superiority and unified strength, just as Mayor Bloomberg had hoped.

2 World Trade Center can support up to 3 million square feet of space, which is much larger than Bloomberg Tower’s 1.3 million square feet.

Rendering of 2 WTC

It is reasonable to predict that Bloomberg would fit perfectly at 2 WTC. Considering Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership in the reconstruction of the World Trade Center and his pronounced desire to renew the downtown community, Bloomberg Tower should relocate to 2 WTC.

Written by James Mueller & Edited by Matthew Durborow

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