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McLaren’s Latest Supercar

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McLaren’s Latest Supercar

McLaren has announced that its next futuristic supercar will be named Speedtail.

Formerly known as BP23, the high-performance vehicle will consist of a sleek, aerodynamic design equipped with a V8 hybrid engine.

While McLaren’s F1 was able to reach top speeds of 243 mph, the Speedtail is said to claim the title of McLaren’s fastest automobile.

With only 106 vehicles in production, the supercar’s exclusivity parallels its luxurious composition, and all units have already been sold, even with its $2 million price tag.

These 106 buyers will also be the first to view the Speedtail prior to its public reveal before the end of the year.

However, sources have reported that it may not be street legal in the United States, and, therefore, will be exported to the market for display purposes only.

Despite the apparent uncertainty regarding its technical and physical features, the announcements of the Speedtail’s enticing speed and extravagant design is leaving car enthusiasts eager for its arrival.

The first McLaren ever produced in 1967.

Written by Jonathan Baron, Edited by Rachel Weissman & Alexander Fleiss

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