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My Experience With Coronavirus

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My Experience With Coronavirus

Just over two weeks ago, COVID-19 infected my household.

My mother, father, sister and I were all symptomatic.

Here’s how it happened:

My mother came down with a bug on Saturday, March 14th. Immediately, she locked herself in her room. After a call to her doctor, we were told that what she was dealing with was likely not COVID-19.

Official Houston Coronavirus statistics at the time remained close to zero, but out of precaution, my mother began self-isolation.

Still feeling ill, my mother went to the doctor on Monday, March 16th. Once again, she was assured she did not have the Coronavirus. On Tuesday, however, my dad and sister began dealing with flu-like symptoms, specifically fever, chills, headaches, and general aches and pains.

On Wednesday, my mother talked her way into, what we believe, was a private test. She drove to a hotel, received a swab from a masked doctor, and was on her way out within minutes. Despite the efficiency of the test itself, the lack of availability with testing was unbelievable.

Thursday morning, I woke up and immediately sent a text in my family group chat: “I don’t feel well.” Within moments, my entire family appeared in my bedroom and explained that my mother’s test came back positive. We all had Coronavirus.

The ensuing days felt like the flu. While my fever only exceeded 100 degrees on the initial three days, I still felt achey, had chills, and a headache all throughout the week, and even continuing into the following week.

The rest of my family reported feeling pressure on their lungs. They all described it as if a 20-pound dumbell rested on their chests. While a few times I felt slightly short of breath, I only rarely felt pressure on my chest.

My father recovered quite quickly. Within a week, he was back at 100% strength, fully functional.

My mother and I no longer felt ill about 10 days after first feeling symptoms, but we still remain tired and achy to the day, 20 days after my mom’s test first came back positive. When I get less than 10 hours of sleep, I spend the following day feeling fatigued and sluggish.

My sister, on the other hand, still feels sick. She was taken back into the hospital for chest x-rays earlier this week, and the x-rays came back fine. The doctors suspect she has a sinus infection on top of the virus, prolonging her symptoms.

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of our experience with Coronavirus was the lack of testing early on.

Other than my mom, we were presumed positive by our doctor, as they did not want to waste any tests that could be viewed as unnecessary. Additionally, we were told to expect an incoming call from the CDC. We never received that call.

We suspect my mom’s positive test has counted towards the total number that we see on the news, but due to the fact that it was administered by what we think was a private testing company, we aren’t sure. The rest of our family will never be counted into the official numbers.

I am left quite grateful for the health of me and my family, as Coronavirus serves as a reminder to not take our health for granted.

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Written by Anonymous Rebellion Team-Member

Edited by Ethan Samuels, James Rhinelander & Alexander Fleiss