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Netflix Sees No Web Volume Change 1 Week After Disney Plus

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Netflix Sees No Web Volume Change 1 Week After Disney Plus

The streaming wars have heated up with the addition of Disney's streaming service, Disney Plus. After 3 years of development and billions of dollars in r & d expenses that have been a consistent albatross on quarterly earnings, Disney unveiled their new tech asset to great fanfare. And the reception has been strong.

Disney Plus has been on a tear in its first week of launch, racking up over 10 million customers and making front-page headlines across the country, it is dominating the water cooler talk! However, a commonly-held theory that Netflix would see a large hit with the release of another player on the field, has not held up. According to Amazon's Alexa internet traffic metrics, Netflix has not seen any change in their web rankings.

Of course, this could change as more and more people decide they don't need both Netflix and Disney Plus.

But, Netflix has a deeply-broad variety of shows that Disney Plus just doesn't have yet. Disney Plus has many famous glossy titles from their Pixar and Marvel brands, but they lack the breadth of television shows and diversity of movie genres that Netflix boasts. Maybe the theme of the 'Streaming Wars' will give way to the 'Content Wars'?


Written by the Rebellion Team

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