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Optimizing Data During Software Development

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Optimizing Data During Software Development 

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Data plays a significant role in assisting software development companies to create flawless software for the targeted customers at the right time. Forrester suggests that software development companies that are data-driven are more likely to retain and acquire customers than the competitors.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you with three tips to optimize data during the software development process.

Incorporate A Comprehensive Data Collecting Process

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It is not possible to generate valuable insights from the large amounts of data gathered without incorporating a comprehensive data collecting process. Doing this will enable the company to consolidate the data into a single source. As a result, it will be easily and quickly evaluated.

This process allows a software development company to authenticate the viability of recommended products utilizing current data before progressing with the project. Incorporating machine learning enables the team to analyze and clean information from various angles. With that confidence and knowledge, the rest of the project development can proceed quickly keeping in mind the data was evaluated and the project was viable.

Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

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These key performance indicators play a significant role for the organization to track the performance of the app and the team that is working on it. Software development companies depend on a variety of KPIs to understand the progress of software engineers and check its quality. This quality includes three points:

· User satisfaction

· User Engagement

· Performance

Every engagement is different and needs a set of KPIs, guaranteeing that the development team and the company are at the same level.

In e-commerce projects, success is measured via conversion rates and user retaining percentage. Other KPIs include performance and productivity metrics such as team velocity and cycle time. The software developer metrics include UX data, usability, and response time.

Use Agile Methodologies 

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Software development companies incorporate agile methodologies at almost every developmental stage. This is because; it enables the developers to concentrate on the business results, not only the latest technologies and architecture. The agile approach is also used in data management. It is about taking out useful information regarding unstructured, structured, and raw data and then applying machine learning frameworks to analyze a huge amount of data. The procedure needs good creativity and is important for understanding probable failures and risks.

Agility enables data analysis and data models to be divided into small pieces that can be created and tested rapidly in the same method software has been developed. If the expected outcome is not generated by the analytics, data scientists pinpoint the errors and correct them immediately. They ask the team a few things mentioned below:

· Analyze various data sets

· Adjust the frameworks

· Modify algorithms

· Decide projects viability

This approach was taken to a next level by a multi-national credit firm. It incorporated agile methodology to create a huge big data hybrid cloud platform thing. After gathering and saving information in a data silo, the team decided to limit the usage of entities and partitions. After creating and testing the minimum viable product (MVP) unceasingly, the team could flawlessly shift to a new database that had more functionality and scale.


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After viewing the discussion above it can be said that the significance of data is going to increase over time. Data-driven companies make effective use of analytics and data to acquire exclusive business visions to support their overall business and software development processes. By concentrating on the data on all developmental phases, companies see good opportunities to attain competitive benefits and grow businesses.