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Alexander Fleiss will bring his aviation expertise to the board of FLYJETS. Mr. Fleiss has written and taught extensively on aviation systems and safety. Mr. Fleiss's work has covered all aspects of the commercial aerospace industry.

FLYJETS is the world's first Global Aviation Marketplace uniting all players in the aerospace industry in one easy to use interface. FLYJETS is a vehicle comprised of FLY I Corporation, a New York State benefit corporation, and The FLY Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting aviation education and sustainable flight. The FLYJETS application is, at its core, an aviation marketplace, travel planning system and mapping engine.The FLYJETS network is designed to connect Aircraft Providers, Flyers and Pilots.

The FLYJETS web application is currently live in "ALPHA" development mode at, and bookings are conducted by the FLYJETS team on site, via email at [email protected] and by phone. Completion of the website and mobile application is anticipated in 4Q 2019. is a Global online automated investment platform operating in 43 countries.

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