Return to site is Proud to Announce  the Addition of Dr. Ololade Fatunmbi  to our Advisory Board of Directors

· Advisory Board is Proud to Announce the Addition of Dr. Ololade Fatunmbi to our Advisory Board of Directors

Dr. Fatunumbi is the Chief Strategy Officer of Separation Methods Technologies, Inc., a biotechnology

research corporation. Dr. Fatunumbi also holds an assignment as an American Association for the  Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science, Technology, and Policy Fellow/Foreign Affairs Officer at the  Department of State. In Dr. Fatunumbi's role as a science diplomat at the Department of State,  Dr. Fatunumbi works on advancing priorities in science and technology cooperation between the U.S. and  Japan.
Prior to joining the Department of State, Dr. Fatunumbi worked as a fellow for the National Science  Foundation and as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania studying the mechanical  properties of liver cancer. Dr. Fatunmbi is involved with a diverse set of entrepreneurial expenditures,  varying from biotechnology to the fashion industry. Dr. Fatunumbi received her PhD and BS in chemistry  from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Lincoln University, respectively. Dr. Fatunmbi has won  numerous awards including a Global Innovation Fellow Award in 2017, and has been selected to orally  present her research in various conferences such as Biophysical Society in 2019.
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