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San Francisco’s Electric Scooters on the Rise

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San Francisco’s Electric Scooters on the Rise

The city of San Francisco has been overrun by electric scooters in the past few months, as the ride sharing industry of personal transportation devices continues to expand greatly. The influx of e-scooters has become a nuisance for pedestrians, many of the complaints relating to issues involving the obstruction of walking space and potential safety concerns.

Although companies such as Bird, Spin, and LimeBike have already implemented the use of shared e-scooters among the public, and Lyft recently announced plans to enter this particular market as well, San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency has asked these companies to withdraw their scooters from the streets for the time being. In efforts to manage this issue, the SFMTA held an application process and is currently reviewing twelve companies for their eligibility to receive permits for legal e-scooters.

Furthermore, multiple aspects of companies’ scooter operations will be evaluated, such as financial significance, social influence, and safety procedures. In order to gauge the performance of this industry, five companies will be chosen for a trial process over the course of a year, with 1,250 e-scooters roaming the streets in addition to another 1,250 if the test proves a success.

The use of electric scooters is growing rapidly, but further assessment is still needed to determine the industry’s standards.

Global use of small vehicles is growing with cities becoming more and more congested.

Written by Jonathan Baron, Edited by Alexander Fleiss

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