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Singapore's Coronavirus Patients Have a 0% Mortality Rate So Far... Why?

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Singapore's Coronavirus Patients Have a 0% Mortality Rate So Far... Why?

With 98 total documented cases in Singapore and 0 deaths so far, it begs the question: why? With mortality rates as high as 9% being seen by Iran, why has Singapore not had a fatality yet?

Singapore has done two things very different from the rest of the world. First of all, Singapore has a first rate medical infrastructure that rivals Switzerland and the United States. Secondly, the government's handling of the infected and suspected patients has been aggressive, though not as aggressive as North Korea's apparent shooting of their first Corona virus potential patient.

Singapore has reportedly seen a slowing rate of infections that has now been outpaced by recoveries in the last 48 hours. Singapore's government has done a fantastic job of monitoring all potential subjects and keeping a watchful eye on any possible spread. A whistleblower in the US government has just came forward regarding a lack of preparations taken by the government care workers administering the chartered flights out of China. This oversight may prove costly for the US, but is one Singapore has not let happen.

Most countries, including Italy, Iran and South Korea, where the virus has spread, have taken a more relaxed approach in dealing with the virus. Kent Sepkowitz, an infectious disease control specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York told Forbes “There seems to be more of a willingness to place the community and society needs over individual liberty and that helps in a public health crisis.”

Japan has come under heavy scrutiny for having left thousands of cruise passengers on a boat with infected patients.

What was a handful of infected patients has turned into over 600 cases.

Leaving infected patients contained on a boat with a healthy mass of 3,700 individuals is a recipe for spreading any disease. Kentaro Iwata, an infection control specialist at Kobe University wrote online that this decision would be “violating all infection control principles.

Now that Japan has seen both the number of infected cases and the number of suspected cases mushroom. They have started to take an aggressive stance to combat the virus. However, with so many overall cases now in Japan, a quick containment will not be the outcome. Shigeru Omi, the head of the Japan Community Health Care Organization said that Japan's current strategy “is to slow the speed of the expansion.”

Iran is poorly equipped to deal with this virus so containment will be difficult, but Italy has started taking the virus more seriously after an initially weak approach.

Singapore now has close to 3,000 people in quarantine and another 1,200 have been tested. The government is not letting up in its approach to the virus. Such an approach should be headed by other nations to stamp out this problem. Of course, some may simply argue that the sample size is not large enough.

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