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Singer Vehicle Design & Porsche: A Match Made in Heaven

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Singer Vehicle Design & Porsche: A Match Made in Heaven

What do you get when you take a 1990 (964) Porsche 911, and completely overhaul it for off-road usage?

If Singer Vehicle Design is present, the answer is a masterpiece complete with 450 hp out of a air-cooled 3.6-liter twin-turbo flat-six, a five-speed transmission, all-wheel-drive with limited-slip differentials, long-travel suspension, carbon fiber body work, a roll cage, storage for two spare wheels, and an oversized fuel tank.

This result, or rather, a study, is known as the Porsche (ATC) All-Terrain Competition.

So far, there are only two of them, both commissioned by the same individual: one being Parallax White designed for desert rallying and the other being Corsica Red designed for tarmac events.

This study pulls inspiration from the “Golden Era” of Porsche rallying of the 1980s, defined by the 911 SC/RS and the 959, an era that Singer seeks to recreate. With the partnership of Richard Tuthill, a 911 rally specialist builder, this project truly came into fruition.

While this project is Singer’s most recent claim to fame, it is far from Rob Dickinson’s (Founder of Singer Vehicle Design) first rodeo.

After serving as a lead singer and guitarist for 90s alternative rock band, Catherine Wheel, he settled down in Los Angeles. Shortly after, he built a 1969 Porsche 911E, which he customized heavily, attracting a great deal of attention.

When this attention turned into genuine interest, he began building cars in 2008 out of a rented space.

Singer-installed engine

Since then, he has customized a great deal of Porsche 964’s (the last air-cooled Porsche), all of which are named after their home destination and a bespoke design from tuned engines, to nickel plated exterior elements.

What is unique about Singer is that they do not buy or sell cars, each prospective client provides an appropriate 1989-94 Porsche 911, which is disassembled, blasted to bare metal, and then carbon fiber is added and bonded onto. The suspension, the trim, interior, final assembly/fit/finish are all done in house. However, the paint is outsourced, as well as the engines, which are manufactured by Ed Pink Racing Engines.

Each and every design lives up to the company’s motto “Everything is important”, truly nothing is overlooked in the design process. At a range of about $500k to almost $2 million for a redesigned 911, the market commands excellence. Singer delivers.

Written by Jack Argiro

Edited by Thomas Braun & Alexander Fleiss


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