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Snapple: Made From the Best Stuff on Earth, But Side Effects May Include:

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Snapple: Made From the Best Stuff on Earth, But Side Effects may Include:

Snapple uses the slogan "Made From the Best Stuff on Earth", however we question that phrase when an ingredient in their drinks is Phenylalanine:

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If you go to WebMD's website you will find a host of side effects from when you read up on Phenylalanine.

Side effects may include:

Doses higher than 5,000 milligrams a day can cause nerve damage.

Risks. People with certain conditions should avoid using this supplement, including those with Schizophrenia (Tardive dyskinesia, a movement disorder, may develop.) You also should avoid the supplement if you have sensitivity to phenylalanine or a condition in which your body can't break down phenylalanine.

And use caution in taking phenylalanine if you have:

Also, it is unknown whether this supplement is safe in women who arepregnant or breastfeeding.

Interactions. Phenylalanine can cause tardive dyskinesia in people taking antipsychotic medicines.

If taken with certain antidepressants, this supplement could lead to:

Phenylalanine might also:

It may also affect how your body breaks down other drugs andsupplements. And use with caution if you are taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) drug and several other classes of medications; talk to your doctor or pharmacist about this.

Tell your doctor about any supplements you're taking, even if they're natural. That way, your doctor can check on any potential side effects or interactions with any medications.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does regulate dietary supplements; however, it treats them like foods rather than medications. Unlike drug manufacturers, the makers of supplements don’t have to show their products are safe or effective before selling them on the market.


Is Phenylalanine the best stuff on earth? You be the judge!