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South Street Seaport's Pier 17 Mall to Open in August

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Pier 17 to Open This Summer

The Howard Hughes Corporation is scheduled to wrap up construction of Pier 17, the new mall at South Street Seaport, by the end of this summer. The redevelopment of the Seaport, which was heavily damaged by 2012's Superstorm Sandy, will cost the corporation $1.7 billion.

Original mall that was flooded by Superstorm Sandy

The original structure was completely demolished to make way for the new mall

The landmark Tin Building is being reconstructed and moved as it stands to between the FDR Drive and Pier 17. However, some suspect that the opening of Pier 17 will take longer than expected. Despite these fears, Saul Scherl, the tri-state area executive vice president of Howard Hughes Corporation, assured that “ [construction] is not dependent on another”. [1] According to this information, Pier 17 will hopefully open later this summer as planned. The new Pier 17 now looks completed from the outside, but still needs some finishing touches on the inside. The plans for the mall include a roof that will be used for concerts and a restaurant and bar along with indoor and outdoor seating.[2]

The roof will hold a park and will be available for public events such as concerts.

Without a doubt, Pier 17 will be a spectacular new edition to the downtown South Street Seaport district of Manhattan.

Written by Prthvi Srinivasan, Edited by Jack Vasquez & Alexander Fleiss




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