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Star Trek Movies: Ranked from Worst to Best!

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Star Trek Movies: Ranked from Worst to Best!

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Happy 2021!

As a New Year’s gift to all Trekkies, here are all the feature films ranked from Worst to Best!

13. Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier

This movie was not quite a joke to watch but I’m not sure how seriously William Shatner took the role!

12. Star Trek: Insurrection

This film feels like a very long and weak episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation TV show from a Friday night in the 90s thats not quite the worst Star Trek film ever made, but definitely comes close.

11. Star Trek: Nemesis

This film feels like a very long, but decent episode of the hit Star Trek: The Next Generation TV show that one would watch on a Friday night in the 90s.

10. Star Trek: Generations

A whimsical and amusing tale; perhaps this film should be higher up. It unfortunately tries for too much and falls very very short.

9. Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home

The Enterprise needs to go to San Francisco in the 80s to transport whales to the present-day future or else aliens will destroy the planet… nuff said

8. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Boring but a respectable first attempt at a motion picture. Captain Kirk is the best part of this rendition.

7. Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock

A frustrating picture that has many fans wanting it to end so that the story can “move on” to something interesting. Also the heightened focus on Genesis planet does absolutely no favors for this film.

6. Star Trek Beyond

Another fun film falls victim to an enormous number amount of plot holes and hyper cliched moments even for Star Trek. Nevertheless, an enjoyable film.

5. Star Trek

A fun reboot of the series that punches above its weight. JJ Abrams reignited a franchise with this picture and captured the hearts and minds of the next generation!

4. Star Trek Into Darkness

A controversial pick for many fans. This episode had its detractors, however on 2nd glance what you find is an excellent Star Trek film that plays with time so much it might actually make your head spin. The heightened role of Spock's character proves to be a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

3. Star Trek: First Contact

An absolutely excellent First Generation film that heavily features the brilliance of actor LeVar Burton. The Enterprise must save the world and indeed they do!

2. Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan

Many fans consider this the best Star Trek ever made and the film was a close 2nd. Khan is without a doubt the best villain Star Trek has ever seen however some slow scenes take away from the overall enjoyment.

1. Star Trek 6: Undiscovered Country

An unexpected pick for #1, this film is tightly packed with action and awesome Star Trek moments wrapping an epic adventure in a dark and sinister plot to falsely blame Kirk for an assassinaion on the Klingon’s ruler Chancellor Gorkon Spock’s first love!

Written by Alexander Fleiss & Edited by Adele Su Yan Teo