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Supersonic Travel: The Future of Aviation

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Supersonic Travel: The Future of Aviation

The aviation industry is advancing toward new heights and speeds as multiple aerospace companies look to revolutionize public air transportation.

Aspirations to develop economically and environmentally efficient supersonic airliners are in the works, but firms, such as Lockheed Martin, are most considerably challenged with reducing the sound from a sonic boom.

Without technological modifications to solve this issue, supersonic air travel in the commercial sector will not be able to reach its full potential due to government regulations.

However, Lockheed Martin has partnered with NASA to create their new Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator which is designed to minimize the pressure waves associated with a sonic boom.

Its specialized aerodynamic construction will aid in sound reduction, and test flights will soon be conducted to evaluate its performance and effects on the ground population.

Supersonic travel is the future of the aerospace industry, and applications of this technology will open new markets in the domestic space.

Written by Jonathan Barron & Edited by Alexander Fleiss


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