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The Best 1700 HP Family Car Money Can Buy

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The Best 1700 HP Family Car Money Can Buy

Have you ever sat there wondering what car to buy for your family?

You hop on the internet, and start searching for cars that have enough room for your partner, 2 kids, and space for luggage.

Thousands of results turn up from the likes of Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, and Honda; the list goes on but none of the cars you see excite you. So you keep searching until you find the Ferrari Purosangue and Lamborghini Urus.

These SUVs spike your interest, except the Ferrari hasn’t even been officially revealed yet and you’re not in love with the Urus even though it produces over 600 horsepower. Moreover, you and your partner care about the environment so you want a hybrid.

This brings you to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. This luxurious beast produces over 670 horsepower and has enough room for your entire family and their friends and even gives you 11 miles of electric only range with the hybrid system.

However, while the Cayenne further sparks your interest, it still doesn’t do “it” for you.

So, you start looking at smaller 4-seater sedans and coupes. Again, you see tons of options from Porsche, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and more.

While many of these cars excite you, none of them are perfect. Often, they don’t have enough room for your family to sit comfortably or they don't have enough luggage space or they aren't hybrid.

Fortunately, legendary car maker Koenigsegg, known for making luxurious supercars including the Agera RS, the fastest production car, saw this hole in the market.

Although the 2020 Geneva Motor show was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Swedish manufacturer used it as an opportunity to announce the 2021 Gemera, a 1,700 hp mega car with 4 full-sized memory foam equipped seats, 8 cup holders, and room for 4 full-sized suitcases.

Not only does this car have enough room for your family, but it is also a hybrid, with 3-hybrid motors producing a combined 1,100 hp and giving you a 31 mile range and 186 MPH top speed.

The remaining 600 horsepower comes from the 2.0L 3 cylinder combustion engine nicknamed the “Tiny Friendly Giant” or TFG for short.

Not only does the TFG on its own produce more horsepower than the top of the line Porsche GT3 RS, it does so with half as many cylinders, each of which is half the size of the ones in the GT3. The TFG does all of this on CO2-neutral methanol, making it “at least as CO2-neutral as a pure electric car running on a clean electric source”

In addition to producing an electronically limited 1,700 hp when the electric motors are combined with the TFG, the motors also produce 2,580 ft/lb of torque allowing the Gemera to do 0-62 mph in 1.9 seconds and hit a top speed of 250 mph. Perhaps the most mind blowing stat is that it can do zero to 125 mph in under 5 seconds.

The Gemera keeps your family safe in its strong carbon fiber monocoque and is equipped with six ‘smart’ airbags, traction control, stability control, ABS and advanced driver assistance systems, all of which can be controlled through a 13 inch touch screen display coming out of the dash.

Through the touchscreen, the driver can control the Autoskin electro-hydraulic operation of hoods and doors with the tap of a button as well.

And when they get tired of looking through the fighter jet cockpit inspired wraparound windshield the driver can glance at the digital display behind the steering wheel giving them information such as range, speed, and drive mode.

When hitting the 250 MPH top speed, it can be dangerous to take your hands off the wheel so Koenigsegg also put two touchscreens in the wheel to control the functions of the car without moving your hands.

Additionally, to make the car more aerodynamic, Koenigsegg replaced the side mirrors with cameras displaced on both sides of the cockpit. Another benefit is the 13 inch touchscreen in the rear that will silence your kids' constant “Are we there yet?” shouts.

Hopefully you are able to snag one of the 300 Gemera’s Koenigsegg is producing for the low price of 1.9 million dollars in order to solve a problem that has plagued parents for centuries: The lack of a practical but exciting family oriented car.

Written by Thomas Braun, Edited by Bryan Xiao & Alexander Fleiss