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The Best Managed Professional Sports Team?

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The Best Managed Professional Sports Team?

Mark Attanasio might be the most impressive sports executive in the United States and possibly the world and you have never heard of him. You might have heard of his brother, two-time Academy Award nominated screenwriter Paul Attanasio. Or his father Joe Attanasio, who was a well-known baritone and actor. His father, Joe, an endlessly-devoted family man was beloved by everyone who knew him including his sons. Joe performed in his son Paul's movies and at the opening day of his other son Mark's baseball franchise, the Milwaukee Brewers.

Mark Attanasio with his father Joe singing the national anthem.

In fact after Joe passed away in 2015 it was said by many fans that it did not feel like opening day without Joe's familiar voice reassuring fans that this stadium might be a heaven? America's past time brings many of us back to our most cherished childhood memories. A place in our hearts that is still naive and childish and longing for that perfect afternoon at the park. Mark has taken the love he was shown by his father and has given it right back to the Milwaukee fans. Mark offered a discount to local fans who could prove Wisconsin residence. The field is one of the most well maintained in the league and the stadium is usually spotless and consistently makes Sports Illustrated's list of cleanest MLB stadiums.

Fireworks at a Brewers game.

Mark's love and tender care of the Milwaukee Brewers is evident in every aspect of the franchise. From the local-favorite Milwaukee restaurants serving fans at the stadium to the endless games and events that take place each game, every night at the ballpark feels special and the fans leave at the end of the night hungry for more.

Beer is a big part of the fan experience and the way of life in Wisconsin, USA.

The experience the Brewers offer is like a county fair offering the best local food and drink.

The taste of an Americana summer that Robert Frost aspired to in his paintings is felt by many fans for at least a few hours. Mark was raised in an impressively loving family and that is what he delivers to the Milwaukee Brewers' fans, a tremendous experience soaked in love. The results speak for themselves. Attendance ranks in the top 10 among baseball year in and year out despite their never having won a world series. The Brewers saw primetime television viewer ratings skyrocket an astronomical 44% in 2017. However, the Brewers' TV contract is not up for another few years so the team receives close to the lowest amount of annual television revenue in the league.

Mark has brought the sense of family love to his management of the Brewers. Resulting in an operational performance that is unprecedented in Major League Baseball. The stadium's attendance grew by over 10% from 2016 to 2017. To put that in perspective, the Brewers enjoyed 240,000 more paying customers while the city of Milwaukee's total population as of 2016 was 595,000. And the bottom line speaks for itself, a net operating income that was barely a million dollars less than the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team with three times the Brewers' revenue.

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Clearly the love Mark has shown the Milwaukee Brewers and their fans pays off in dollars and cents. Joe Attanasio is looking down on Mark from heaven with endless pride and his rendition of the star spangled banner will be replayed in the minds of millions of fans for many summers to come.

Written by Alexander Fleiss & Edited by Rachel Weissman

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