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The Last Starfighter Sequel Takes Off

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The Last Starfighter Sequel Takes Off

To the delight of science fiction enthusiasts, producers announced plans to develop a sequel to the groundbreaking 1984 hit movie The Last Starfighter. While little is known about the details of the film, writer Gary Whitta released several pieces of concept art for the sequel last April and later confirmed on Twitter that he has been collaborating with the original writer and creator Jon Beteul on the project.

The Last Starfighter theorizes the origin of arcade games on Earth, proposing that they were put on Earth by representatives of the “Star League.” The games serve as a testing ground to recruit capable pilots for an ongoing war in space, and the protagonist Alex has his life turned upside down when he is whisked into space after earning the high score on the arcade game, Starfighter.

Although the video game based story line attracted many tech-loving fans, these fans quickly fell in love with a different technological aspect of the movie: the special effects. The film featured a great deal of computer-generated imagery (CGI), making it a landmark in cinematic history.

Similar to The Incredibles, The Last Starfighter left fans in suspense for decades. The state of the Frontier and the Star League remains unknown, the escaped villain Xur is still at large, and Alex’s brother Louis has begun to play Starfighter after being inspired by his heroism.

The Incredibles 2 satisfied fans by picking up right where it left off, producers of the modern The Last Starfighter aim to make it “a combination of reboot and sequel that… honors the legacy of the original film while passing the torch to a new generation.” And, even though the exact casting and storyline are unknown, the fan oriented plot plus top notch CGI has given cult followers a lot to be excited for.