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The NBA is Leading Sports into a New Era of Technology

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The NBA is Leading Sports into a New Era of Technology

New technological advancements have impacted almost every industry, improving efficiency and ease of life. The NBA has taken advantage of this, leading the sports world into an exciting era of life-changing technological innovations.

Recently, the NBA has used augmented and virtual reality to increase viewer satisfaction and train referees. The association recently launched an app called NBA AR which allows users to shoot imaginary, but visualized basketballs into displayed baskets. Virtual reality has also been prioritized, with a partnership with the company NextVR leading to 27 lives games being produced for an exciting VR experience.

The early feedback on watching NBA games in VR has been positive.

The NBA has also experimented with wearable devices for players, allowing new data to be obtained. This effort matches with the NBA’s partnership with tech companies SportsRadar and Second Spectrum, both of which work together to gather advanced data using machine learning algorithms and other forms of AI and then distribute it globally.

NBA Players Union has worried about data from wearable devices being used in contract negotiations.

The NBA aims to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence in sports, as it uses new technology to improve viewer experience, player development, data gathering and distribution, and more. Avid sports fans have much to look forward to, with AI inevitably revolutionizing the sports world in the near future.

The NBA already has a deal with Second Spectrum for advanced analytics.

Written by Michael Ding, Edited by Alexander Fleiss

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