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TR-3B : Apologue, Alien, ...or Air Force?

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TR-3B : Apologue, Alien, ...or Air Force?​

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TR-3B : Apologue, Alien, ...or Air Force?​ Is this craft an actual development of the Air Force or possibly or the Air Force Scientific Office of Research Laboratory?

There are countless sites and youtube videos speculating about the potential reality of this government program. One that would look to become the next generation reconnaissance jet for the US government.

It is also possible that this is a funded sub-group of a government agency that is acting on contract to the govenrment and essentially has complete autonomy in their research.

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The designation TR-3B has been used for the last 5 to 10 years on a large triangular aircraft that allegedly operates at speeds up to Mach 9. None of these sightings have been documented to a level acceptable for national press coverage beyond USA Today. And with the proliferation of deep fake technology which has exploded over the last few years, a trend we covered: Deep Fakes: Terror In A Data Driven World, it becomes even harder to tell fact from fiction.

The idea is that this aircraft uses a magnetic field disruptor, a technology that was originally developed in the 1920's by the US government and is extremely speculative.

The basic concept rests on the idea of two oppositely charged pieces of atom-sized matter spinning in opposite directions and creating awesome amounts of energy from their interactions. Think of two stars out in the galaxy dancing around one another, imagine the energy that is emitted?

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This concept would use liquid plasma that operated at 150 degrees. Clearly this is extraordinarily speculative technology, but would a government contractor have the moral backbone to accept a multi-billion dollar research contract from the government with probably very high margins knowing there was a 0% chance of success?

There are also rumors of a TR-6 project out there as well. One of the vehicles supposedly uses 3 "engines" plus a central propulsion unit and the other uses 5 smaller engines.

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Both the Air Force and the Navy allegedly had a space program before the Space Force and it is unclear whether they had to give all or only part of their space program to the Space Force. 

The creation of the Space Force provides a potential operating platform for these vehicles/devices with large amounts of Pentagon funding. 

But, most scientists feel this technology is the work of fiction and clever imagination, but maybe also government contractors who enjoy waisting taxpayer dollars?

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Written by Joel Anabilah-Azumah & Edited by Alexander Fleiss