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Uber Issues: Drivers and Users are Quitting On Uber

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Uber Issues: Drivers and Users are Quitting On Uber

In recent years, both users and drivers are quitting on Uber. Between 2016 and 2017, only 4% of people who signed up to drive for the ridesharing company are still driving after a year. A common complaint among drivers was the inability to receive in-app tips, a feature which was only installed in mid-2017, while rivals like Lyft had it months earlier.

Uber's recently installed tip feature

However, the biggest issue for Uber was the reckless behavior of its former CEO, Travis Kalanick. Moments like the CEO’s heated argument with an Uber driver over fares, his bragging of sexual conquests, and harassment allegations from Uber employees all resulted in a massive PR disaster. Despite hashtags like #deleteuber, which emerged in January of 2017, Kalanick remained stubborn. Amidst plummeting PR and company morale, Uber investors had no choice but to force Kalanick to resign in June 2017.

Former Uber CEO Kalanick

To this day, Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has had to deal with PR issues, most recently a gender discrimination issue that surfaced after a former Uber engineer called out the sexism and sexual harassment she experienced at the company. Will Uber return to being known as the world’s most valuable startup, or will its public relations continue to tumble?

Written by: Michael Ding,

Edited by Rachel Weissman, Alexander Fleiss


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