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Why Choose Machine Learning Over A Traditional Financial Advisor?

Our firm was started by 3 mathematicians convinced they could find alpha through the use of machine learning for Long Term Investing. The Machine Learning Investing system takes into account all factors, from global economics covering 53 countries around the world to individual stock prices, and creates an optimized portfolio that beats the global equity markets. It took a few years to build and research, and development was the name of the game until 2007 when the system was ready to be tested live. This was the birth of Rebellion Research!

At the time the firms using machine learning to make investment choices were primarily high frequency trading shops looking to make very short-term investments. That brings up the first way Rebellion Research is different. We use our machine learning system to choose solid assets that we can hold for 3 months to 3 years. We aren't looking for short-term profits but for a long-term approach to investing. We aren't a firm wedded to one investment strategy, but we take into account factors from various theories to create a robust strategy comprised of value, momentum and growth stocks that makes tactical adjustments based on predictions for the global economy.

We also listen to the system; we don't add a stock that wasn't prescribed by our machine learning just because our instinct tells us to or we like the company. The system decides when we sell, when we turnover and what allocation we hold.

This speaks to two points of conversation in financial services-

1. We aren't open to the human factors that drag results.

2. We don't get scared and sell when everyone else is selling.

We sell when our system indicates there is a better asset to hold for our clients. Investor behavior is a huge topic- the typical investor doesn't see the results of even the basic index because they let their emotions get the best of them. They get greedy when markets are going up and buy on the up swing and get nervous when things look less stable and sell on down turns. Systematic strategies don't have these reactions.

As we've grown and grown up as a firm we've opened a Registered Investment Advisory with the ability to manage clients separately managed accounts in 73 countries. This means that clients can invest in our strategies without having to meet the financial requirements and restrictions of a hedge fund, and they own all their own positions. We've also adapted our system to allow for various other strategies to meet our clients’ needs. Rebellion Research continues to evolve, improve and be different!

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