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Will Trump Rock NASA & The Russian Space Agency's Partnership?

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Will Trump Rock NASA & The Russian Space Agency's Partnership?

The Russian Federal Space Agency was reformed in August 2015 as the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities. Most notably, the success of the 1986 Soviet Union/Russian Mir space station gave way to collaboration with the construction of the International Space Station in the early 21st century. This involvement led to ongoing U.S. and Russian cooperation in scientific research, as NASA astronauts currently occupy Soyuz spacecrafts for joint transportation to the ISS today.

Soyuz docked at the ISS

Soyuz on liftoff

However, political conflict over space domination may deter further advancements in the space industry. Recently, President Trump’s call for a Space Force has caused much debate due to a potentially harmful military presence. Particularly, Maria Zakharova, director of the Department of Information and Press at the Russian Foreign Ministry, finds these motives to be beyond defensive tactics, but further applications may be needed to guard against advancing Russian and Chinese anti-satellite technology that could disrupt U.S. military operations.

Written by Jonathan Baron, Edited by Rachel Weissman, Alexander Fleiss

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