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World's First Publicly Available Autonomous Driving Simulator Released!

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World's First Publicly Available Autonomous Driving Simulator Released!

Carla represents the first publicly available autonomous driving simulator ever to be released. Prior to Carla, one would have to work for a Tesla or Argo to be able to work with and test one's autonomous driving skills. Now with the release of Carla anyone, anywhere in the world can start developing their own autonomous driving program. The architect can change the various objects in the simulation and work with the maps to create an infinite number of driving environments.

A programmer starts with a simple tutorial on how to get started and then can download the program to their laptop.

The programmer can choose from SUV's and sedans to test and even a Tesla.

Because this is an open source platform it will continually improve and thanks to a Yandex engineer, you can now use LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection And Ranging to create your driverless program.

And with the open source feature the simulation environments continually become more and more diverse in terms of their offerings. From geographical locations that resemble downtown urban environments to densely populated suburban sprawls.

And now users can even choose from working with bikes and motorbikes!

Written by The Rebellion Team

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