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World's First Underwater Hotel

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The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has built a $15 million two-story hotel villa, which will allow guests to sleep 16.4 feet under the Indian Ocean.

The hotel is named the Muraka - meaning "coral" in Dhivehi - and provides residents with a bar, a gym, an infinity pool, butler's quarters, an ocean-facing bathtub, and an underwater bedroom floor with views of the ocean. The undersea suite section is made up of a king-size bedroom, living area and bathroom. The top level measures 5920 square feet, while the undersea sections occupies an area of 1097 square feet.

“We are excited to present Muraka's unique sleeping under the sea experience to our future guests, providing them with an extraordinary seascape of the Maldives from an entirely new perspective," says Stefano Ruzza, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island's general manager.

The Muraka, which can accommodate up to nine guests, has been erected by M.J. Murphy Ltd., a New Zealand-based design consultancy

This venture marks Conrad Hotels & Resorts' second exploration in underwater architecture and technology, with the first being the Ithaa undersea restaurant, which launched at the same resort 13 years ago.

"Through our rich history of being a trailblazer in innovative luxury hospitality, we are proud to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge design, technology and architecture," says Ahmed Saleem, chief architect and designer of the undersea residence.

Resort World Sentosas in Singapore also offers two-story ocean suites overlooking an aquarium, however the Muraka is thought to be the first underwater "residence" and is the most technologically advanced.

Written by Koray Williams, Edited by Rachel Weissman & Alexander Fleiss

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