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GS' New CEO David M. Solomon is a DJ: Banking, DJs, and Machine Learning

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GS' New CEO David M. Solomon is a DJ: Banking, DJs, and Machine Learning

On Tuesday, sources indicated to MSNBC that the next Goldman Sachs CEO will be David M. Solomon. Solomon graduated from Hamilton College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and government. After college, he started working at Irving Trust, a bank in New York City. He went on to have a promising career at Bear Stearns, but left to join Goldman Sachs in 2006, which was seen as a bold move at the time.

He has worked to loosen the dress code and raise pay for employee. In his free time, he also loves to DJ at various locations. He has an Instagram account called DJ D-Sol, and occasionally releases his own records.

The music industry has begun implementing machine learning algorithms. Nicc Johnson, for example, is a passionate musicologist and is working on using algorithm to create playlists automatically. He did an experiment comparing two real DJs’ playlists to the algorithm’s. It is difficult to tell the difference between playlists. Here are three playlists: two are made by DJs, and one is made by machine learning algorithm.

Here is the comparison based on music theory.

It’s hard to tell the difference between the playlists. It will be interesting to see venues use this technology to play music at event. It could be a great supportive tool for DJs or may even replace human DJs altogether. Maybe DJ D-Sol will use it to create his playlist.

Written by Yan Zimo, Edited by Jack Vasquez & Alexander Fleiss

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